Grange Auto Insurance

Grange Insurance is a top-list provider of life, property, home, auto, and business insurance policies operating through its agents in 13 states. It is an “A”-rated company (Excellent) according to A.M. Best.

Grange Insurance offers best value auto insurance products, as well as superior services provided by its team of professionals to satisfy to come up to any customer’s expectation.

Grange Auto Insurance is sold only through company’s agents. Their job also includes helping you to decide on good-value coverage that meets your particular needs. All you need to do in order to find a local Independent Agent is to type in your zip-code on Grange Insurance website.

Grange Auto Insurance Coverages

The company offers a whole range of coverages, in particular:

  • Liability coverage (includes Bodily Injury and Property Damage; covers the cost of other people’s injury and/or damage you cause in a road accident);
  • Comprehensive coverage (covers the cost of your car repairs damaged due to theft, vandalism, fire, earthquake, etc.);
  • Collision coverage (covers the cost of your car repairs damaged in a road accident that happened at your fault);
  • Medical coverage (covers the cost of medical care needed in the result of any car accident);
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage (covers your expenses in case when the driver at fault has no/not enough liability coverage);
  • Personal Injury Protection coverage (in addition to medical expenses, covers lost wages, childcare, funeral, etc.);
  • A number of extras, such as, for example, Towing & Labor, Car Rental Reimbursement, Loan/Lease Gap coverage, an even CD and tape coverage.

All available types of coverage may vary depending on the state. So, please, contact one of Grange Auto Insurance Independent Agents for full information. Your local agent will describe all the details of coverages you are interested in, making sure you find what you need with Grange Auto Insurance.

Grange Auto Insurance

Grange Auto Insurance provides various discounts for its clients, such as in the following cases:

  • you have positive driving records;
  • good student discounts;
  • your vehicle is rated as a safe one;
  • you already own another type of policy from Grange Insurance.

Any of these factors (and some more) will certainly save you some money on your Grange Auto Insurance policy. For further details, please, contact your Grange agent.

Grange Auto Insurance Claim

In case you are involved into any road accident, you are highly advised to do one of the following as soon as possible:

  • contact your Grange Auto Insurance Agent;
  • log in to your personal Grange account;
  • call Grange Insurance Loss Reporting Centre that works 24/7.

You should be ready to provide the following data:

  • time, plaice and other details of the accident;
  • information on the vehicles involved (model, year, etc.);
  • information on the people involved (names, contacts, etc.);
  • information on any witnesses (names, contacts, etc.);
  • damage and/or injury description;
  • if the police have already been contacted.

As soon as you reported the loss by any means mentioned above, our claim specialists will get in tough with you and review your coverage, make an appointment to estimate car damages and answer all your questions.

Purchase your auto insurance from Grange and we’ll see to certain unpleasant moments of your driving. Grange Auto Insurance empowers you to live your life with fewer worries!