Best Auto Insurance In California

California is one of the most beautiful states. It is known for its beaches, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, and famous Route 66. This state is also known for busy traffic and treacherous roads in the mountains. So, all drivers must carry auto insurance. There are lots of auto insurers in the state. Searching for the best auto insurance in California you should find the providers offering the following discounts.

Good Driver Discount

California law define that all operators of a vehicle must be “good drivers”.

Drive Safe & Save Program

Drive Safe & Save Program is available to customers who are agree on equipping their car with a qualifying device that monitors the car usage or if drivers agree to report your mileage to State Farm.

Good Student Discount

All young drivers having less than 9 years driving experience and who are full-time students whose records for the preceding school semester are perfect can count on discounts.

Inexperienced Driver Safety Education Discount

All drivers driving experience whose driving experience is less than nine years can be qualified for this discount. They must have successfully completed a State Farm Safety Education course, which usually consists of an exam and a video administered in a State Farm agent’s office.

Mature Driver Improvement Course Discount

A driver may be eligible for this discount if he:

  • He is at least 55 years of age;
  • Has voluntarily taken and completed a Mature Driver Improvement Course ( the Department of Motor Vehicles should approve it) perfectly within the past 3 years.

Best Auto Insurance In California

Multiple Automobiles Discount

A driver should meet the following criteria:

  • He has two or more private passenger automobiles driven by people residing at his address;
  • His vehicles are insured with State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company or State Farm Fire and Casualty Company;
  • The vehicle owners must reside in the same address and:
    • They must be related by marriage, blood, or adoption;
    • In case they are not related, they must own the vehicles jointly and they both must be designated as named insureds on the policy.

Multiple Line Discount

To be eligible for this discount a driver should meet one of the following criteria:

  • the named insured on a State Farm homeowners policy ( a farm, manufactured home, condominium, or renters policy) covering his principal residence;
  • the named insured or owners of individual State Farm life insurance products (except all tax qualified life insurance products, all annuities and paid-up life insurance with a face value of less than one thousand dollars);
  • the named insured or owner of an individual State Farm health insurance policy ( except Short Term Hospital Surgical, Individual Credit Disability Income and Disability Income Payment Protection Plan).

Loyalty Discount

If drivers’ household has insured an eligible vehicle with State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company for more than one year they may be eligible for a decresed premium for different kinds of vehicles . The amount of the discount raises every year for up to 6 years.